2021 Political Science Honors Students

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Michael Munger

Director of Undergraduate Studies

"The Honors students in the class of 2020 have overcome all of the usual challenges that face seniors--finishing their requirements, looking for jobs, applying to graduate programs, and deciding who they want to be--while on the side writing the equivalent of short book summarizing original research. But on top of all that, they have shown a remarkable degree of resilience, and toughness, doing all this while there was a global pandemic, while they had to do research and take classes online. We are proud to present you with our Honors students, who have worked on some of largest and most important questions facing humanity, all while wearing masks."


Daniel Cordray

Daniel Cordray is a senior Angier B. Duke Scholar double-majoring in Political Science (with a concentration in Political Theory) and in Classical Civilizations. His research focuses on how political philosophy, especially classical political philosophy, can help explain contemporary political factors and issues. In college, he has developed those interests through both policy work, including interning with the US House Coronavirus Subcommittee, and academic work, including a fellowship with the Hudson Institute Political Science Program. At Duke, he has also worked as a House Course Instructor for the undergraduate Visions of Freedom Living-Learning Community and as a member of the graduate Political Theory academic writing workshop. Besides politics, he enjoys British literature and mathematics. After college, he plans to proceed to a JD/PhD in political philosophy.

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Katherine Edlein

Katherine Edlein is a graduating member of Duke’s class of 2021, earning degrees in political science and history, with a minor in psychology. She has spent much of her time at Duke exploring patterns of human behavior over time and space, and the role that governments hold in promoting peace and overcoming social inequality. Acting on these interests outside the classroom, she is a member of the Duke Political Union Elections Committee and the Women in Politics club, as well as the Pi Sigma Alpha national political science honor society. During her undergraduate career, Katherine participated in Duke Engage’s Amman, Jordan program, working as an intern for a local feminist nonprofit known as the Sisterhood is Global Institute. She has also interned for the US Senate, aiding legislative staffers with research and constituent work. Most recently, she had the opportunity to serve as a community outreach intern for Legal Aid of North Carolina’s Eviction Diversion program. She hopes to continue pursuing her interests in government and politics in the future, focusing on issues of inequality with an emphasis on gender disparity in particular.


Yurong (Luanna) Jiang

* Yurong Jiang graduated with Honors, in December 2020.

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Anne Klock

Anne Klock am a senior majoring in political science and philosophy from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Studying in the United States has interested her in the role of nationality and heritage in quality of life. She is interested specifically in the treatment and rights of refugees and immigrants. She served as president of International Association my senior year and director of Outreach and Athletics in SHAPE (Sexual Harassment and Assault Prevention and Education). Next year, Anne will be attending Georgetown Law School with the goal of becoming a human rights lawyer. 

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Allyson Lee

Allyson Lee is a senior from Charlotte, North Carolina, and is majoring in Political Science with a certificate in Markets and Management and a minor in Education. At Duke, Allyson was involved with the Center for Race Relations, Duke Student Leadership Office, and as a Resident Assistant on East and West Campus. After graduation, Allyson plans to remain in the triangle as a student at Duke University Law School.  

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Stefanie Pousoulides

Stefanie Pousoulides is a senior majoring in political science and international comparative studies and pursuing the human rights certificate. She is investigations editor of The Chronicle and senior editor of The Muse Magazine. Previously, she was news editor and university news editor of The Chronicle; editor-in-chief of The Muse Magazine; staff writer at PolitiFact; case law chair of Duke Moot Court; and a research assistant to various American politics projects. In addition to her political science thesis, she has written an international comparative studies thesis entitled “The Politics of Memory: The Meaning of Home to Armenian Genocide Survivors.” She plans to attend graduate school to study American politics and law in the future. 

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Levi Schulman

Levi Schulman is a graduating senior from Phoenix, Arizona, majoring in Political Science with a minor in English and a certificate in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE). During his undergraduate career, Levi was heavily involved in Project BUILD, as well as a member of Duke Tamid. Levi has interned at SKDKnickerbocker, a leading Public Affairs Agency, and is interested in strategic communications and political campaigns. After graduation, Levi plans to work in politics before eventually attending law school. In his free time, Levi enjoys watching sports (especially college basketball) and listening to all kinds of music. 

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Jessica Sullivan

Jessica Sullivan is a senior majoring in Political Science and minoring in Statistics. Her thesis advisor is Dr. John Aldrich, who she has worked with since she was a senior in high school. While at Duke, she was the Chair of Duke Votes and a member of the 2019 Service Opportunities in Leadership cohort, through the Hart Leadership Program. After graduation, she will be joining You Can Vote as their Kathi Beratan Fellow. 

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Ecehan Yurukoglu

"Television Series and the Promotion of Neo-Ottomanist Ideology in Modern Turkey"

Ece Yurukoglu is a senior born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. She is majoring in Political Science with a minor in Visual and Media Studies. Yurukoglu is a part of the Alice M. Baldwin Scholars program, Turkish Student Association and Mundi at Duke. As an avid art lover, she worked as an intern at the Nasher Museum for almost 2 years. After graduation, she will either be getting her Master's degree in Media and Communications at the London School of Economics or will stay and work in a field related to communication in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Natalie Ecanow

Originally from Highland Park, IL, Natalie Ecanow is a senior majoring in political science with minors in Middle Eastern studies and history. Her primary interest is in U.S. foreign policy, with specific focus on the Middle East and Israel. She has been a research intern at the Hudson Institute since January 2020, working first with Walter Russell Mead on the U.S.-Israel relationship, as well as on a number of other foreign policy issues, and now with Douglas Feith on his forthcoming history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. On campus, Natalie is involved with Devils En Pointe, Duke’s student-run ballet company, and Duke Israel Public Affairs Committee. Natalie previously served as AIPAC’s liaison at Duke and currently sits on AIPAC’s Southeast student cabinet working to bring greater cohesion to the student movement across the region. After graduation, Natalie will be moving to New York City to begin the Paul E. Singer Foundation’s two-year Analyst Program. She plans to attend law school after completing the program in 2023.

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Joshua Gohlke

Joshua Gohlke is a graduating Senior at Duke University, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a concentration in Security, Peace, and Conflict and a subconcentration in Normative Political Philosophy, and pursuing a minor in Statistical Science. Prior to high school, Josh lived on a sailboat in the Caribbean for six years. He graduated from Lutheran South Academy high school in Houston, TX in 2017.

Josh has primarily focused his political science studies on foreign affairs and armed conflict, studying nuclear and cyber weapons technologies and proliferation, interstate and intrastate violence, and terrorism, among other topics. After graduating from Duke, Josh plans on moving to Washington, D.C. to work in the legislative sector before attending law school.

For two years, Josh has worked in the government affairs department at Air Liquide USA alongside his studies at Duke, primarily focusing on research and legislative analysis related to the energy sector, including efforts related to hydrogen power and clean energy. He has also worked for a successful House of Representatives campaign, serving as a summer fellow on the finance team for Colin Allred in 2018.

Outside of his school and work, Josh is an avid sailor and is the current Vice President of the Duke University Club Sailing Team, with which he has enjoyed traveling around the East Coast to compete in regattas. He frequently volunteers with Habitat for Humanity and participates in fundraising efforts for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Josh is also an active member in the Duke Lutherans religious group on campus.

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Rahul Krishnaswamy

Rahul Krishnaswamy is a senior majoring in Political Science and minoring in Biology and Global Health. Within Political Science, he focused primarily on Political Economy (i.e. social policy) with an additional concentration on Security, Peace, and Conflict. 

He has policy research experience in both domestic and foreign policy, serving as a Research Assistant at the Margolis Center for Health Policy working with Medicaid claims for disaster relief as well as at the Nicholas Institute for Environment Policy Solutions working on analysis of green multilateral stimulus and post-COVID sustainable development in emerging economies. He also served as a Legislative Intern to the North Carolina Senate Democratic Whip, where he worked on rural healthcare issues relating to payment and disparities, as well as a Eva Clayton Fellow with the North Carolina Democratic Party.

On campus, he has served as a Co-Chair of Duke Students for Biden, Political Chair and Cultural Chair for Duke Diya, a member of the Student Council for the Duke Program in American Grand Strategy, and a member of the Scale and Coin Business Society. In his spare time, he volunteered at the Surgical Waiting Room at Duke University Hospital. 

He will be attending the University of Edinburgh for a Masters in International Relations in the fall, followed by law school next year. 

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Olivia Kramer

Olivia Kramer, from Miami Beach, Florida, is a senior majoring in Political Science with a concentration in Security, Peace, and Conflict. Additionally, she is pursuing certificates both in Human Rights and in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE). She was named a 2020 Hart SOL Fellow through Duke’s Sanford School of Public Policy in recognition of her commitment to fostering social and political change. During her undergraduate career, Olivia founded the Duke University Journal of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, a student-run academic publication for which she now acts as Editor-in-Chief. Meanwhile, she also served as a university ambassador through Dukes & Duchesses. Particularly interested in refugee rights and advocacy, Olivia worked with the Tent Partnership for Refugees and Church World Service Durham, a local refugee resettlement agency, during her junior year. Upon her graduation this May, Olivia will join the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office as a paralegal in the Human Trafficking Response Unit before pursuing her J.D. in a few years. 

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Brittney Peacock

Brittney Peacock was one of 59 scholars selected from the class of 2021 for a $300,000 merit scholarship in recognition of her achievement as a low-income, first-generation student. Throughout her Duke career, she has been afforded many opportunities to enhance her studies in Political Science from studying the modern political system of Britain at the University of Oxford to accepting an internship offer at the National Security Agency. Beyond Duke, Brittney hopes to one day study law so that she can advocate for the rights of Native Americans.

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Daniel Rosen

Danny Rosen is a senior from Millburn, NJ, majoring in Political Science and Statistics, and minoring in Mathematics. His honors thesis on carbon tax regressivity reflects his interest in quantitative methods in the social sciences. While at Duke, he has served as the president of the Men’s Rowing Club, as a teaching assistant in the Mathematics and Statistics departments, and as a member of the Undergraduate Library Advisory Board. Additionally, he has worked as a researcher examining bias in newspaper reporting on genocides, and as a business analyst at a commercial bank. In his free time, he enjoys backpacking, studying foreign languages, and watching Jeopardy!

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Victoria Sorhegui

Victoria Sorhegui was born and raised in Naples, FL and is pursuing a degree in Political Science with a concentration in Security, Peace, and Conflict. She is also receiving a certificate in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, as well as a minor in History at Duke. At Duke, her academic interests and student involvement has been largely focused on her participation and membership in Duke’s Program in American Grand Strategy. Victoria served as the AGS undergraduate council co-chair from December 2018-December 2020, was a Summer Fellow for the program in both 2019 and 2020, led a staff-ride to Gettysburg, PA, and participated in the organization’s mentorship program and field trips. Victoria has also largely participated in the arts at Duke as a member of Sabrosura and Devils en Pointe, as well as the Program Director of Project Arts. Victoria spent her summers interning on Capitol Hill for NC Senator Richard Burr and working as a remote research intern for the Hudson Institute’s Center for Political-Military Analysis. She hopes to pursue a career in national security and foreign policy following her graduation from Duke.

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Perry Wallack

Perry Wallack is a Senior from Boston, MA majoring in Political Science with a certificate in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics and a minor in Russian Literature. Perry’s core interest is comparative religion and its impact on international dialogue. Over his undergraduate career, Perry has taught house courses on the US Prison System and Israeli-American relations. Perry also served on DSG as the Principal Advocate of Duke’s Office of Public Advocacy and is a founding member of Devil Dialogues, a non-partisan organization focused on sparking civil political debate on campus. Outside of Duke, Perry has spent time lobbying at the Massachusetts State Capitol as well as aiding asylum seekers at the US-Mexico border.


Upon graduating, Perry will work at the Israeli Mission to the United Nations before traveling to Israel to pursue a Master’s Degree in Diplomacy from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. Following this, Perry hopes to attend law school and begin a career in Middle Eastern diplomacy.